SoCal Premier is now Southwest Premier

Our Structure: Member, Sanctioning, Affiliation, League, Region, Conference, Division

  1. USSF - we are members of our national federation
  2. TBD - sanctioning body for the 2021-22 season
  3. NISA (this is who we are affiliated with)
    1. SOUTHWEST PREMIER (this is the name of our league)
      1. SoCal, San Diego, Arizona, Nevada/So. Utah (these are our current 4 regions
        1. Men's Open (this it the NISA affiliated conference on the men's side
          1. 1st, 2nd, 3rd (local divisions with Pro/Rel within the conference)

We are expanding for the 2021-22 season and for the long-term future to push the game forward at the senior level and usher in a new day for structured Pro/Rel in a unified, affiliated system.

  • Div 3 - NISA Pro
  • Div 4 - NISA Nation - National
  • Div 5 - Southwest Premier - Regional
    • SoCal
    • San Diego
    • Southern Nevada/Southern Utah
    • Arizona
    • Pacific Premier - Northern CA & Northern NV
  • Div 6 - SoCal 2nd (local to Southern California)
  • Div 7 - SoCal 3rd

We also have a Masters Senior Conference under our banner out of Orange County, CA

  • Over30
PO Box 550
La Mirada CA 90637